Hippie Daycare

We hiked a short distance from Hiker Heaven to Casa De Luna. It is a great trail angel home owned by the Anderson’s. They chose the name Casa De Luna (House of the Moon,) because it takes most hikers a month on trail to reach their house. I thought it was so clever! I heard this house could be a party house, full of Hershey syrup wrestling, and games of Edward Fortyhands (where 40 oz beers are duct taped to both hands.) It was actually an extremely mellow night while we were there, and very relaxing. First thing you do when you get there is put on a Hawaiian shirt! The main hang out spot is in the driveway, where lots of chairs are set for hikers to lounge in. Their is a big banner to sign your name, which also functions as a backdrop for photos. The backyard has a disc golf range, shower, and a labyrinth of gorgeous manzanita trees. The manzanita forest is groomed with tons of spots to set up your tent, and some of the spots even have cute camp names. We stayed in one tucked away, called the Lucky Penny. One of the best nights sleep we’ve had on trail! We were fed a huge taco salad buffet for dinner, and oh man was it delicious! A few of us pooped more than usual the next day, but whatever, the food was great! The next day was Mother’s Day, which was kind of hard for me, but it was nice to spend it with a big group of hikers. That morning we were fed pancakes and coffee for breakfast, and once again, the food was awesome!






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