Hiker Heaven

We spent a zero day at the Saufley’s house. They are trail angels, and they call their property Hiker Heaven, which it totally was! This zero day was special since it was our one month anniversary of being on the trail!!

Since we were a couple we were given our own room in the hiker trailer. There was another room, and a living room and kitchen which were open to the other hikers staying there.

In the yard there were big canopy tents with cots, a fire ring, animals, Internet cafe, and fleet of bikes for town transportation.

There were bins of clothes you could borrow while they did your laundry for you, and they even washed our down jackets.

You were able to sign up for REI and Walmart runs, which Lingo took advantage of. He returned some faulty gear, and got some near gear too!

We watched movies in the trailer with other hikers, and indulged in some great town food.









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