our wedding

We have been together for more than seven years and recently got married in July 2013. Since the beginning we have both shared a love for the outdoors, and living in San Diego we have had the luxury of having Section A of the Pacific Crest Trail right in our own back yard. Section A is the southern most section of the PCT and runs from the border in Campo to Warner Springs, and many of our day hiking trips have been along this corridor. It was only natural that the magnetic pull of the trail would call us North…

April of 2013 we had our ‘moment of realization’ when we decided to commit to this ambitious goal of hiking from Mexico to Canada. It was beautiful spring day, and it just so happened that we both had the same say off together, so we went on a day hike in the Mount Laguna Recreation Area. While passing the Laguna Mountain Lodge on our way to the trailhead we saw many thru-hikers sitting on the porch, resting their feet and rehydrating. Shortly after starting our hike we encountered more hikers heading north which sparked a very deep conversation about something we have wanted to do for years, but convinced ourselves for some reason or another the time wasn’t right. This time was different and we told each other we would make it happen the following year: 2014!

If you’re visiting this page we hope you check back often for an update on our time on the trail. Although we may not have the best written blog, we hope that can change over time as we send an update whenever possible.


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