Zero Day!

We enjoyed the next day in Warner Springs by not hiking any miles, our first “Zero Day” of the trip. The community center has a great set up during the thru hiker season to help us out. We enjoyed a great pancake breakfast that mooring when they opened up. The guy cooking was nice enough to swap out our sausage for an extra pancake because we’re vegetarian. Breakfast came with eggs, which was a gamble because neither of us like eggs. Turns out after 100 miles on the trail eggs are GREAT!

It was so windy that a baby bird had fallen out of the tree. We all sat around watching the bird. It was “hiker tv.” He wasn’t able to fly yet, so he hopped over to Troll.



A baby bird found shelter between Troll's feet

A baby bird found shelter between Troll’s feet

Lingo and Troll helped put the baby bird back in the tree

Lingo and Troll helped put the baby bird back in the tree

We had to get our resupply package from the post office when they opened and there was a guy helping shuttle hikers back and forth. Troll hooked it up with two cans of TVP which is a fake meat substitute high in protein, both chicken and beef flavor! Thanks Troll. After we all got our resupply boxes we sat in the lawn in a circle and pretended we were opening Christmas presents. Some trading went on between us, and some of us sent ourselves too much food, which we then donated into the “hiker box.”

We took advantage of the wifi and updated a few blog posts while the sweet volunteers washed a load of laundry for us. When the clothes came out they smelled so good! Unfortunately Sugarpine is allergic to perfumed liquid laundry detergent, and had forgotten to ask what detergent they use to wash the clothes. She broke out the next day in a horrible rash.

We hung out on the lawn all day socializing and relaxing with all the hikers. It felt really good to rest our aching muscles.


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