PCT Long Distance Permit

Woo! We applied for our long distance permits yesterday! The form had only been available for an hour when Chas applied for them. He had been stalking the PCTA’s (Pacific Crest Trail Association’s) website for days! Permits become available at the beginning of February each year. PCT Long Distance Permits are required to hike more than 500 continuous miles along the trail. The permit allows overnight use along the PCT corridor. Best part about it? It’s free!! Want to know more about the permits? Click here


Applying for our PCT Long Distance Permits

Today we received Halfmile’s Maps. They are extremely accurate and detailed. These color maps show elevation profiles and waypoints every half mile. The maps show you resupply points, water sources, points of interests, etc. The maps are available for free, but if we were to print them ourself it would total about 476 pages. We ordered them instead, and got them printed double-sided in color (making it only 238 pages.) Halfmile’s Maps have been recommended by many hikers, and are updated every year. More about the maps here.


Our new maps


Maps for days!


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