Testing Out Our Packs!

Well I’ve been very jealous of Chas getting to bring his new backpack on his hikes the last couple weeks. I got the flu two weeks ago, and my asthma has been giving me some trouble ever since. I finally felt like I could handle hiking Cowles Mountain, so Chas and I loaded up our packs with some gear for weight, and headed up the mountain to catch the sunset. Since it was my first time with the pack I only carried 10 lbs. The backpack was extremely comfy, and I barely felt the weight! I tried resting my hands in the loops provided but I think I’m going to remove them and just use trekking poles instead. I can’t wait to use it again, but with more weight this time!


Some Info about the backpacks we are using:

  • We both have the Circuit backpacks made by ULA Equipment.
  • They weigh under 39 ounces and are made for long distance thru hiking.
  • Chas’ has the original “J-Curve” shoulder straps, and I have the “S-Curve” straps that are made to be more comfortable for a woman and her chest.
  • Recommended max load: 35 lbs or less
  • Recommended base weight (weight without consumables like food/water): 15 lbs or less
  • The total volume of the backpack: 4,200 cu in.

We ordered our backpacks here.


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